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The information technology industry is among the largest and fastest sources of employment growth in Wisconsin.  Companies will be looking to employ talented workers to serve both U.S. and global markets.  The information technology industry is a dynamic and entrepreneurial field that continues to have a revolutionary impact on the economy and on the world.

  • Pathway
  • The General IT Pathway covers IT Essentials which provides basic skills pertinent to working with computer devices and application set up and support.

    The Network Systems and Information Support & Services Pathway includes the Software unit.  This unit provides opportunities to work with and manipulate the data that is managed by IT systems, as well as, work with professionals to evaluate and customize programming to meet business needs.

    The Web Digital Communications Pathway includes the Web & Digital Media unit.  This unit allows students who are interested in computers to combine their strong interest in design and creativity by working on web pages.  They develop the content, design and scripts for business purposes.

    Students in this youth apprenticeship learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-secondary opportunities.  These opportunities could include two or four-year college programs, apprenticeships or employment.  Students in this apprenticeship have the option to participate in the following pathways:

    • General IT Pathway
      • IT Essentials
    • Network Systems and Information Support & Services
      • Hardware
    • Programming & Software Development and Information Support & Services
      • Software
    • Web & Digital Communications
      • Web & Digital Media
  • Entrance Criteria
    • Entering junior year or senior status
    • Display a genuine interest in the Information Technology Pathway
    • Interview effectively and are hired in an IT position
    • Maintain a high level of attendance in school and on the job
    • Secure transportation to the job
    • On-track for high school graduation
  • Courses
  • Students take courses at their high school that are part of the program of study for IT that provide the related classroom instruction needed to compliment the worksite training. Such courses can include:

    • IT Essentials
    • Web Design I & II
    • Computer Programming
    • Desktop Publishing
    • On Line Applications

    Talk to your School to Career Coordinator or Business Instructor for further information.

  • Employment
  • The employer provides opportunities to experience the basics of IT careers in relation to the competency checklist.  They provide a mentor to guide and train the student.  The employer also evaluates the student on a quarterly basis.

    Employers in this program provide students with hands-on opportunities to work with computers and software application problems in a business and/or industry setting.  Any business or industry that is able to provide the competency training and work experiences needed has the opportunity to participate in this program. They also are able to provide the student with the competency-based training in the IT area that is specific to the student’s career interest. The positions for these students are usually 2-3 hours a day after 1 p.m. The student needs to be employed a minimum of 450 hours for the one year program and 900 hours minimum for the two year program.

    Credit between school districts varies, but typically the student will receive 1/2 – 1 credit per semester for the work experience and the same for their classroom training.  All students should receive a wage according to the type of work they are performing.