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The work-based learning component of the Youth Apprenticeship Program is the primary method for teaching the required competencies.  The local business becomes an extension of the classroom for the youth apprentice.  The related classroom instruction is intended to support the work-based learning experience by providing theoretical knowledge and when needed, providing appropriate skill development.  The work-based learning component is designed to provide an on-the-job learning environment for students by being “apprenticed” to an experienced mentor.

As an employer of a youth apprentice, you will be responsible for the following:

Student Selection

Review employment applications, interview candidates and select the student (s) you want to hire.  New Employee Orientation is provided by you according to your facility’s Human Resources policies.


Youth apprentices must receive minimum wage or higher.  A pay schedule is agreed upon with the employer, local YA coordinator and the student.  Most employers grant periodic raises dependent upon performance or length of employment.

Workers Compensation

Once a youth apprentice becomes a paid employee they must be covered by the employer’s workers compensation coverage.  Other benefits may be provided at the discretion of the employer.

Education Training Agreement (ETA)

Employers must sign and comply with the requirements in the Education and Training Agreement (ETA) and have a copy on file.